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Suzanne Bristol The New Year is in full swing! Construction projections are solid. After setting goals as discussed in last month's newsletter, have you discovered that if you stay where you are, you don't think you will reach those goals? Six degrees of separation reminds us that we are just six steps away from connecting with someone that is connected with this decision. An employee who takes time to resign for the right reasons, and communicates those reasons effectively, will never have to worry about burning any future relationships. An employer that respects their decision when it is for the right reason gets an advocate outside their business and leaves the door open for making connections related to the relationship. We are always here to help you work through options to achieve your goals.

Happy Valentine's Day Month!
Suzanne and the Florida Construction Connection Team

Resigning the RIGHT WAY

We run a motto with the candidates that we work with: "If you can't walk in and tell your employer you are leaving to achieve something you have already tried to achieve with them, you are leaving for the wrong reason." This includes working hours, stress level, difficult relationship, financial compensation, commute or travel, along with pretty much anything affecting your job.

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When an Employee Needs You to Listen or They
May Resign

Just when you think the team is all moving in the right direction an unexpected resignation comes your way. Your first reaction is to try to get them to stay anyway possible. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Either way, eventually, statistics show that you have a 50/50 chance of retaining them for two years or more. In construction it may be even lower...

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Remember those you love!

Read 8 special ideas that you can use to make Valentine's Day extra special!

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Do you love your job?

Find a well-thought-out answer to this seemingly simple question.

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