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The Oversell - Construction be Real!
Suzanne Bristol March, the month associated with spring and the Luck of the Irish! In this newsletter we cover the topic of your talk of what you can do versus your walk of what plays out. The quote "I turned out liking you more than I originally planned" describes relationships in which expectations going in were exceeded. Disappointment comes to both sides in a relationship when someone oversells and underdelivers, or the other person has false expectations. May March be a time of spring cleaning in this area of your life, as you gain knowledge to the reference point, so your Luck of the Irish doesn't run out!

Happy Spring! Suzanne on behalf of the FLCC Team!


We ask the question to every candidate we interview "What is the position/positions you are interested in pursuing?" Most candidates will check off a position such as Vice President and in addition many candidates experienced only in an entry level or mid-level role will apply for Executive level positions. So, what is in a title? In construction there is definitely a baseline for qualifications with management titles and the required credentialing is also becoming more and more prevalent.

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The President of the Company greets you at the door for your interview. You see their project signs everywhere. You can't believe he is personally taking time to interview you and you have an opportunity to work for this company. They have to be awesome to work for. Look at all the work they are doing, right?

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How do you compare?

Take out skill assessment test to see how you compare to others!

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Contest Time!! → Enter to win!

Answer our poll questions. One lucky person will win a $100 Bass Pro Shop gift card!

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