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Suzanne Bristol According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics last reported January 2017, there are just under 7 million people employed in building, heavy and civil, and specialty trades in the construction industry. Over 90% of the companies that employ these individuals are categorized under small to mid-size businesses and even in Florida many of the big boys are not based here, but run smaller satellite offices. The majority of projects here in Florida are under 50 million in contract value. This newsletter talks to the challenges that come with both career and company as size grows.
As we celebrate this month of Passover and Easter may you reflect on the freedom and opportunities we have here in the US to build our careers with the project and company just the right size for us!

Happy Holidays, Suzanne and The Construction Connection Team


When we meet with a new company we take time to get to know not only their annual volume, but how their business is structured. What type of projects, what delivery systems, contract types and how their buy-out and decision making is structured. We ask them many questions about the past, present and future to help us find the candidates that fit best not only culturally from a personality stand-point, but from experience with working within those systems or the ability to learn those systems.

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Many companies appear to be big, but in reality they have a small infrastructure and are not as profitable as smaller firms. Over 90% of all construction firms in the US have less than 20 office employees. They may have 100+ overall employees, but in reality the majority of the staff are employed there because they have a project to support them at the moment.

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Safety Poll Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Now you can check out the results of our poll.

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Happy Passover & Happy Easter

In this season of renewal, new joys and new beginnings, we wish our industry keeps on blossoming in the days to come.

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