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May 2017 Newsletter
Let's Play "Mother, May I"
Suzanne Bristol As a child my friends and I would play the game Mother May I, also known sometimes as Father or Captain May I (watch video). There is nothing more inspiring then when I meet someone from our industry that loves to help others reach the captain's seat. They are confident in their abilities, humble about their steps back and they are proud when someone under them earns a promotion. Are you a mentor or desiring a mentor? This month we discuss mentorship.

May you go to work each day helping someone bring that childhood feeling back again.

Suzanne and The FLCC Team


Mentoring With Our Backs Turned

Flash back 30 years or more in the construction industry and you will find that the majority of the individuals that started at that time had to, as it was called, "pay their dues". The norm in the industry was to advance an individual, but to have qualified and engaged accountability partners around them to teach or shore them up as they were exposed to new challenges. What has changed today? What hasn't changed?

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Three Steps Forward, Mentor or Not

Rarely within construction companies today do you see official written and followed mentoring programs. If you currently have a mentor or mentors that you communicate with on a regular basis, then you are fortunate. You have probably already realized in order to maintain a mentor/protege relationship, you have to learn to be respectful of the mentor's time, their privacy, trust and you have to be the initiator most of the time with follow-up and checking in.

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Featured Book

Mentoring 101 by John Maxwell

Ask the best leaders in any organization how they learned to be successful, and you often hear the same answer: they had a good mentor.

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Suzanne moderates a discussion on the topic of Women in Construction understanding the influence of their role.

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